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Most people who own a Weimaraner will have a special story relating to how they became captivated by this remarkable breed. We at Dunollie are no different…..

Having returned to Australia after living in the United Kingdom for 2 years we bought our first home in Sydney. This was soon followed by the big decision of purchasing our first dog as a married couple. Both of us had always had family dogs as children ranging from Beagles to Dobermans but the decision on the breed we would have for the rest of our lives was determined by divine intervention.

One night, while returning from work, Scott came upon a delightfully friendly dog wandering the busy roads of inner Sydney. The dog turned out to be from a local home and upon returning it Scott inquired about the breed.

Within 6 months we had purchased Ceilidh our first Weimaraner and foundation bitch. For those who are interested, Ceilidh is a Celtic word meaning gathering which is pronounced “Kay-Lee”. Thanks to Sam and Gary Studholme’s encouragement we started showing Ceilidh. The task of handling a strong willed and stubborn bitch often made us feel that our introduction to show handling was a “baptism of fire”. However, we wouldn’t have it any other way- Ceilidh taught us patience and perseverance and gave us the ultimate pleasure of showing a bitch that had a marvelous depth of character and intelligence.

After earning her Australian champion title, Ceilidh had her first litter at 2.5 years of age and produced 8 fabulous puppies. From this litter came “Mardi” and the start of Dunollie Weimaraners. Also from this litter came Sam, who was exported to Carine Buitendach in South Africa. Sam has become a South Africa Champion and now has sired offspring that are also doing well in the show ring. We thank Carine for her foresight and wish her all the best in the future.